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January 2014
Minutes of Meeting January 13, 2014

A meeting of the Board of Health was held on Monday, January 13, 2014, at the Millis Town Hall Room #213, Millis, Massachusetts.  Present were Kathleen Lannon, Chairwoman; Bonnie Hilton and Cheryl Labonte, Board Members; Vickie Philben, Administrative Assistant; and Scott Moles, Health Director. The Millis Board of Health meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.  

Administrative Business:

Approval of Minutes:

December 9, 2013 – The Board approved the Board of Health minutes for December 9, 2013.

        Nurse’s Report:  The monthly report of the Public Health Nurse was reviewed.   

Director’s Report:  The Director’s Report for December/January was reviewed.

Old Business:

  • Seasonal Flu Update:   At this time, all of the flu serum and flu mist have been given:  420 flu shots and 82 flu mists.

New Business:  

  • Food Recalls – see attached.
  • Food Inspections – Budabing’s, Subway, and Charles Café were inspected this month.  Subway and Charles Café have closed.  The owners of Charles Café may reopen in the spring if the business does not sell.
  • MIIS Update – The additional hours requested in the next budget for the Town Nurse have changed to a half hour weekly to allow entry of the MIIS information.
  • FY15 Budget Discussion – Mr. Moles reviewed the draft FY15 Board of Health budget with the Board.  Upcoming FY15 Board of Health meetings are as follows:  January 24, 2014 with Mr. Aspinwall, Town Administrator; February 12, 2014 with the Finance Committee; and March 10, 2014 for the FY15 Board of Health’s budget presentation to the Selectmen.  The warrant closes on February 21, 2014.
The Board approved the following budget requests:

  • Add four hours per week for the Administrative Assistant position and either add a half hour per week for the Town Nurse position, or use of a qualified person (from the tax deferral plan) to enter data for the MIIS system.  
  • Rabies line item changed secondary to development of Rabies Revolving Fund;
  • Medical Supplies increased to replenish supplies;
  • Contracted Medicaid Billing line item planned to be dropped if there are sufficient funds in the Flu Revolving Fund;
  • Books/Periodicals increased due to necessary resources;
  • Beeper reduced as Public Health Director uses his own cell phone;
  • Postage reduced;
  • Advertising increased due to planned upcoming Board of Health regulations; and
  • Auto Mileage decreased due to Public Health Director not claiming in-town mileage.
The net effect is that the total line item amount will decrease by $526 from $9061 to $8535.

  • Millis Tobacco Grant Update – The Public Health Director attended the Metrowest Tobacco Coalition meeting on January 8, 2014, with representatives from Framingham, Medway, Ashland, and Marlboro.  At the meeting, Dawn Seaver, Regional Tobacco Coordinator, explained some of the goals of the grant: change the age from 18 to 21 for purchasing tobacco; development of a coordinated fee structure in the member towns; and conduct at least two compliance tobacco checks annually in each membered town.


  • Online Minutes – On January 9, 2014, the Board of Health Administrative Assistant received an email from Mr. Aspinwall, Town Administrator, regarding the new Board of Selectmen’s new policy of posting online draft minutes within two weeks of the meeting.  The Board Members discussed this policy and has expressed concerns.  The Massachusetts Open Meeting Law states:  
The minutes must be approved in a timely
manner.  G.L.c.30A, 22(c).  Generally, this
should occur at the next meeting of the
public body.

   The Board decided that the Chairwoman will express these concerns at            
    the next Board of Selectmen’s meeting on February 10, 2014.            

Scheduled Public Hearings & Discussions:  none

Next Meeting:  Monday February 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vickie L. Philben
Millis Board of Health
Administrative Assistant

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