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Fraud and Con-Games
If you are offered a deal that sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Most people think they could not be tricked, fooled or conned into handing over money for fraudulent deals. But it happens often. Con artists are experts in human psychology and behavior.

They know how to gain your confidence with smooth talk and a self-assured manner. High-pressure sales are another ploy used by con artists. You can't recognize a con artist by the way someone looks or dresses, but you can be on the alert for con artists and consumer frauds.

Telemarketing is a common method of stealing from senior citizens. Telephone fraud con artists spend a lot of time "polishing" their lines for enticing seniors to buy. Here are some tips that can alert you to Telemarketing scams:

  • You must act now!

  • You've won a "free" gift or vacation.

  • Pay only postage and handling.

  • You must send money, give a credit card number, a bank account number or have a check picked up by a carrier before you have a chance to carefully consider the offer.

  • You don't need to research their company with anyone, including a lawyer, accountant, Better Business Bureau or other consumer protection agency.

  • You don't need written information about their company or references.

  • You can't afford to miss this "high profit, no risk" offer.

REMEMBER! The most successful con games are old schemes with new twists. There are many schemes and variations to the same scheme. If you hear these or similar lines, investigate further.

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