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At Work
  • Become actively involved in working with your employer to improve security in and around your work place.

  • If possible, get into the habit of traveling to and from work and parking areas with other people.

  • Park in areas that are patrolled and well-lighted after dark.

  • Avoid using isolated, deserted stairways in office buildings.

  • If a suspicious looking person follows you into an elevator, step out of the elevator immediately.

  • If you see a suspicious looking person inside an elevator you are about to enter, do not get in.

  • If you are in an elevator and another person makes you feel uncomfortable, get off as soon as possible.

  • When using elevators, stand near the control panel by the door so you can easily press the alarm button in an emergency.

  • Lock valuables such as a purse, wallet and keys in desk drawers or other secured areas.

  • Do not advertise your vacation plans, times you will be away from home or the amount of cash you are carrying.

  • Observe security measures when using restrooms in office buildings. If the facilities are locked, never leave the door unlocked or give the key to an unauthorized person. Do not enter the restroom if the lock appears broken or the door is ajar. If the facilities are not kept locked, enter cautiously and check the area thoroughly before closing the door behind you.

  • Avoid working late or odd hours if possible. If you must work late or an odd hour alert a family member, friend or security officer. If possible have a security officer check on you from time to time. Ask a security officer, co-worker or an employee to escort you to your car or to public transportation. Do not walk to your car alone if you can avoid it.

  • Report all suspicious persons and activities to security personnel.

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