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  • Choose well-lighted parking areas;

  • Look around for loiterers before you get out of your car;

  • Keep valuables and packages locked in the trunk;

  • Always turn off the ignition, remove the key, and lock your car doors, no matter how soon you plan on returning;

  • Do not park next to vans, trucks with campers or other vehicles whose size and structure can provide concealment for a potential assailant;

  • Exercise caution and be extra alert when using underground or enclosed parking garages. Walk in the center isle, rather than close to parked cars; and

  • If you have a choice, park in areas that have an attendant or in locations that have heavy pedestrian traffic.

Returning To Your Car:
  • Have your key in hand before you get to your car;

  • Be aware of occupied cars around you;

  • If you are carrying packages, try to keep one hand free, even if it means making an extra trip;

  • Check outside, under and inside your car before you unlock the door and get in. Criminals have been known to conceal themselves on the floorboards behind the front seats; and

  • Criminals have been known to disable an engine or flatten a tire to strand a targeted victim. The victim is then approached, offered assistance and attacked. If your car is disabled in suspicious circumstances and a stranger offers to help you, use your personal alarm, scream loud and long and leave the area immediately. If there is no time to flee, get into your car, lock the doors and sound the horn to attract attention to the situation. Try to obtain a good description of the suspect and report the incident to the MPD, security and the parking attendant.

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